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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
LPN/Health Aide for the 2017-18 School Year09/21/2017ClassifiedTO BE DETERMINEDApply
Cub Care Aide (Part-Time)08/29/2017ClassifiedHALL-MCCARTER EDUCATION CENTERApply
Substitute - Hostess/Server - Food Service07/06/2017SubstituteSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Food Service - Hostess/Server07/06/2017ClassifiedSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
High School Students - Prime Time Aide07/01/2017ClassifiedMULTIPLE LOCATIONSApply
Substitute - Health Aide for the 2017-18 School Year07/01/2017SubstituteSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Certified Application (creates applicant profile)07/01/2017CertifiedSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
BSSD Substitute Bus Driver 2017-18 School Year07/01/2017TransportationTRANSPORTATION CENTERApply
Substitute - Custodian07/01/2017SubstituteSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Substitute Teacher - Classroom Teacher Substitute07/01/2017SubstituteSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Nail Technician Instructor Substitute07/01/2017SubstituteHALL-MCCARTER EDUCATION CENTERApply
Substitute - Classified Staff07/01/2017SubstituteSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Voy Spears07/01/2017ClassifiedVOY SPEARS ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Sunny Pointe07/01/2017ClassifiedSUNNY POINTE ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ James Lewis07/01/2017ClassifiedJAMES LEWIS ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Lucy Franklin07/01/2017ClassifiedLUCY FRANKLIN ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Chapel Lakes07/01/2017ClassifiedCHAPEL LAKES ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Cordill-Mason07/01/2017ClassifiedCORDILL-MASON ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Daniel Young07/01/2017ClassifiedDANIEL YOUNG ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Franklin Smith07/01/2017ClassifiedFRANKLIN SMITH ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ James Walker07/01/2017ClassifiedJAMES WALKER ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ Thomas Ultican07/01/2017ClassifiedTHOMAS ULTICAN ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ William Bryant07/01/2017ClassifiedWILLIAM BRYANT ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ William Yates07/01/2017ClassifiedWILLIAM YATES ELEMENTARYApply
Prime Time Aide - @ John Nowlin07/01/2017ClassifiedJOHN NOWLIN ELEMENTARYApply
Classified Application (creates applicant profile)07/01/2017ClassifiedSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
FUTURE - Paraprofessional (Secondary)07/01/2017ClassifiedMULTIPLE LOCATIONSApply
FUTURE - Paraprofessional (Elementary/Early Childhood)07/01/2017ClassifiedMULTIPLE LOCATIONSApply
School Bus Aide for 2017-18 School Year04/27/2017ClassifiedTRANSPORTATION CENTERApply
BSSD Bus Driver 2017-18 School Year04/27/2017TransportationTRANSPORTATION CENTERApply
Teacher - Special Education Cert 2017-1801/01/2017CertifiedSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Teacher - Elementary B-3 Cert 2017-1801/01/2017CertifiedSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Teacher - Elementary 1-6 Cert 2017-1801/01/2017CertifiedSCHOOL DISTRICTApply
Lifeguard/Swim Lesson Instructor01/19/2016ClassifiedCENTENNIAL POOL PLEXApply